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בָּרוּך אַתָּה אַדָנָ-י אֱ-להֵינוּ מֶלֶך הָעוֹלָם אַשֶׁר קִדְשָנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו וְצִוָנוּ לְהַדְלִיק נֵר שֶל שַבָּת קודֶש Transliteration: Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu, melech ha’olam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Shabbat Translation: Blessed are you, Lord our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the light […]

Sometimes you have to talk it out.

Posted by: erika on: October 28, 2010

I had an idea to invite friends over to go over my Be’chol Lashon talk on Sunday night until I realized that Sunday was Halloween.  In most parts of the US Halloween is a time for children.  Most parts with the exception of NYC.  I actually hate Halloween because it’s such a creep holiday in New York.  Imagine, […]

Tonight in conversion class we learned all about the Bris ceremony, baby naming, and the whys behind them all.  On the way home I decided to listen to my Jewish/Hebrew music playlist on my iPod.  I haven’t been to synagogue in almost a month and honestly, I miss it a lot.  I wanted to listen […]

in 7 Days…

Posted by: erika on: October 26, 2010

Seven days!  SEVEN DAYS!  One Week from tomorrow I will be standing in front of a room of Jews of Color to talk about my experience as a black gay woman on the road to Judaism.  I’ve decided that I’m going to work it as a sort-of outline to my memoir.  That’s all for today, […]

Why’d I Open My Big Mouth?

Posted by: erika on: October 25, 2010

Hey There readers!  I’m back from Ohio and into the groove of NYC life again.  It doesn’t matter if I’m gone for one day or one week I can always snap back to reality when I touch down in New York.  The traffic is actual traffic as opposed to some small little delay on the […]

I just got back home from my second conversion class at Rodeph Sholom where we were able to ask the rabbi questions which she answered to the best of her ability, given the space, time and limitations of an hour and a half class with over 30 participants. I stopped attending conversion classes at Central […]

You don’t know what it is to be…

Posted by: erika on: October 18, 2010

Black. Gay. a Jew. I’m working on my memoir and am struggling with it.  To help  get some inspiration I’ve re-read bits of Rebecca Walker’s “Black, White, and Jewish” as well as bits of Stacyann Chin’s “The Other Side of Paradise”.  I’m only one train ride away from completing Ernest Adam’s memoir, “From Ghetto to Ghetto” […]

Calling all (Gay) Jews

Posted by: erika on: October 16, 2010

I know you’re out there!  As you know, if you read my blog I’ve been selected to give talk about being a Black, Gay Jew (to be).  I’d rather have the opinions of other Queers of Color, Jews of Color, and Queer Jews.  It’s simple, really.  You send me an e-mail blackgayandjewish@gmail.com and I’ll e-mail you a simple questionnaire to […]

I fell off the Kosher Wagon

Posted by: erika on: October 10, 2010

I’ve never been an addict, though addiction runs in my family.  Since I’ve never been an addict, I’ve never been to any meetings for addicts.  I do, though, feel like telling the missteps will allow me to feel better and just come clean so that’s what I intend to do right now.  My birthday was […]

Tikkun Olam

Posted by: erika on: October 9, 2010

It is clearly the duty of every Jew to seek justice.  In a world unredeemed, a word that is damaged, it is the job of every Jew to participate in tikkun olam/repair of the word.  In areas of social justice, social action, Judaism has set itself clear mandates “You shall do what is right and […]

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