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My Talk for Be’Chol Lashon NY Part 3

Posted by: erika on: November 11, 2010

 Thanks for your patience while I put this last post up!  I haven’t been ignoring you all, but it makes me realize that it’s done which is a little sad.  It also makes me realize that the real work of finishing my memoir is at hand.  Enjoy!  Black, Gay, and Jewish. I was baptised as an infant […]

Today in our conversion class we learned all about the Jewish wedding ceremony and I gotta tell you, even though I know I won’t have a “traditional” Jewish wedding (that whole gay thing) I’m super excited to have a Jewish Wedding!  This summer two of our good friends had thee best wedding of 2010.  I’m […]

My Talk for Be’Chol Lashon NYC Part 2

Posted by: erika on: November 7, 2010

Thanks for patiently waiting for Part 2.  One more to go after this!! Enjoy…  Black and Gay. When I was 21 I sat in my mother’s office writing on her computer.  My boyfriend at the time, Barry, an older white man I’d been dating for a year came in.  He sat behind me and I became […]

Shabbat Shalom!

Posted by: erika on: November 6, 2010

I trust you’re all having a good Shabbos.  I’m at Mirs now and away from my computer and the rest of my talk.  I will post it late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Until then, enjoying time with the one I love.  

My Talk for Be’Chol Lashon New York Part One

Posted by: erika on: November 4, 2010

Let me just say that my talk went really well.  I was well-received and afterwards in the Q and A I got a lot of positive feedback.  I ended up “winging” most of it so that I was giving a talk rather than just reading the words off of my computer screen.  Everyone was engaged […]

Tonight’s the Night!

Posted by: erika on: November 3, 2010

After one month of re-reading my blog posts, re-reading really inspirational books by Ernest H. Adams, Rebecca Walker, Staceyann Chin, and James Mc Bride as well as wonderful words of wisdom from readers and friends,  My. Talk. Is. Finished! I’m currently waiting for the mail to deliver the Netflix video that I’m showing, Trembling before G-d […]

Black, Gay, and Jewish is getting popular

Posted by: erika on: November 2, 2010


Posted by: erika on: November 1, 2010

On Wednesday, November 3rd at 7PM I will be giving a talk entitled, “Black, Gay, and Jewish” to a room of Jews of Color as part of Be’chol Lashon’s monthly meeting.  I was told that my talk should be about 45 minutes and afterwards there would be a question and answer section.  I’ve spent the […]

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