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Shabbat Post

Posted by: erika on: April 29, 2011

Shabbat Shalom, ya’ll! I just got home from work 11PM and lit my Shabbat candles hours after sundown.  I’ll have to blow them out, to avoid a possible fire, and Shabbat has already started but it felt good to come home and light candles in my apartment.  This will be a quick post because it’s […]

Kosher That Works For Me

Posted by: erika on: April 28, 2011

In conversion class we’re studying Jewish Texts; Talmud, Mishnah, Torah, etc.  Chatting about “putting a fence around the Torah” inevitably turned into a discussion on kashrut, that caused us to run late (again).  I challenged Rabbi K. about why she makes the decision to keep kosher; why eat only kosher foods when she could eat organic […]

You Just Gotta Laugh

Posted by: erika on: April 25, 2011

Have ya’ll read the ranting that happened over my Jewcy post?  It’s pretty funny and got a bit more funny today.  I thought about putting up another reply to this person who clearly doesn’t like Erika Davis but then, I re-read what he’s already written and literally laughed out loud.  Seriously, guy? Anyhoo, thought it was […]

What to do

Posted by: erika on: April 24, 2011

I’ve thrown a lot of things my parent’s way in the years I’ve been in NYC.  I’ve come out as a lesbian and last summer I told them that I was going to be a Jew.  Because of those hose two very identifying factors, coupled with the fact that I live in what is arguably […]

Easter Sunday

Posted by: erika on: April 24, 2011

Last night I went to Pesach Seder Part 3.  It was a womyn’s Seder at the home of my friends Liz and Erica.  I thought I took the cake for the world’s most diverse Seder but I think that Liz and Erica gave me a run for my money.  The Seder was awesome and I’ve […]

Counting the What?

Posted by: erika on: April 21, 2011

I don’t understanding counting the Omer.  Maybe because “Omer” reminds me of “Omen” and then I see that creepy kid that JUST WON’T DIE!  I know that counting the Omer has nothing to do with Satan, crazy rotweilers, or nannies and rather the time between the Exodus and recieving the Torah on Sinai.  It’s just […]


Posted by: erika on: April 20, 2011

According to Google translation  נשימה means breath…And that’s what I’m doing right now, breathing a sign of relief.  Pesach Preparations are over.  Our Seder HUGE success and So Much Fun. I’m still recovering from the past two nights but I will say that Pesach did, indeed, trump Purim. First Night Mirs and I woke up fairly early to start […]

Do We Ever Really Get Rid of all of the Chametz?

Posted by: erika on: April 17, 2011

Rabbi K. encouraged us to get on our hands and knees to scrub our floors this week.  She said even if we were traveling for Pesach, and therefore wouldn’t need to clear our home of chametz, that we needed to get on our hands and knees and clean.  She’s the most passionate speaker I’ve had the pleasure […]

Just a little peek into my Pesach Planning

Posted by: erika on: April 16, 2011

To Do List. 1. Get Table and Chairs (Sunday before) 2. Grocery Shopping-make a grocery list.. i can start getting some stuff. 3.  Make copies of Haggadot 4.  Edit Haggadah 5.     Game Plan    Friday-Buying Plates and silverware from FE  / Table Ordered and Delivery Set for Sunday Saturday-Fresh Direct Shopping-Farmer’s Market Shopping […]

Jewcy Love

Posted by: erika on: April 15, 2011

Good news today!  I’ll be working with Jewcy.com.  The details are in the works but I’m so excited.  This is the first post on their site. http://www.jewcy.com/religion-and-beliefs/black-gay-and-jewish-passover-lamb-and-sweeping-statements

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