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Hebrew Name Change?

Posted by: erika on: June 30, 2011

One of the things that converts to Judaism must decide on is a Hebrew name.  It is one of those awesome and unsettling things similar to the feeling of actually becoming Jewish.  There is a bright and wonderful future ahead of me.  When I look into the lens of my Jewish future I see connection […]

Will the Mikvah Lady Think I’m Fat?

Posted by: erika on: June 29, 2011

Guess what!  There’s a Date!  Okay, not an actual date with numbers but a time frame.  Just as I’d hoped-I will officially join the Jewish People before Rosh Hashanah.  This year, Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on September 28th.  That gives me exactly 3 months to lose weight so that when I’m naked in front […]

Things You Should Never Ask a Jew of Color

Posted by: erika on: June 28, 2011

…or anyone for that matter. I’m back.  It has been a bit of a whirl wind.  This unemployment thing leaves little to be desired.  I’ve been working my ass off trying to re-write my resume, interviewing and chatting with a lot of great people and great organizations.  Not to mention last weekend was Pride in […]

I Can Read Hebrew!!

Posted by: erika on: June 21, 2011

More accurately, I can read that.  With trouble.  Even though I know what it says.  Kind of.  I can also read three other words that are really easy and in every prayer book:  “Siddur, Baruch and Atah.” I think, given the fact that today was my first Hebrew lesson, I did it over the phone (I’m […]

Pride Week in NYC

Posted by: erika on: June 20, 2011

June is Pride Month across the globe.  Today in Albany, NY my friend, rabbi, mentor, and tutor is standing hand-in-hand with other religious leaders with Pride in the Pulpit.  If you are in NY and can make it to Albany please check out this event.  If you’re in NY and have not reached out to […]

Jewish Community

Posted by: erika on: June 20, 2011

I’ve interviewed several extraordinary Jewish people for my blog and for other sites.  In those interviews I like to ask a seemingly simple question.  Define Jewish Community.  I am always pleasantly surprised at the answers I get and wanted to throw it out to my readers. This week I will be sitting down with two […]

Shabbat Shalom!

Posted by: erika on: June 17, 2011

One of the perks of having boundless “lemonade” is to observe Shabbos.  I hope you all have a blessed, restful, thoughtful Shabbat.  I’m going to attempt to turn off as much as I can starting with the blog

When life throws you lemons…

Posted by: erika on: June 17, 2011

…make lemonade. Today I was thrown 1 million lemons and let’s just say I hope that in a few weeks I’ll have more lemonade than I know what to do with. I won’t get into it, but I have so many references in my head.  One, specifically from my all-time favorite musical, “The Sound of […]


Posted by: erika on: June 16, 2011

A few weeks ago the Salute to Israel parade went down Manhattan’s 5th Avenue.  I was in Ohio so missed it.  Lately I’ve been thinking more about Israel.  The more I think the less I actually come to a definite opinion about my views.   In my experience most Jewish people have definite opinions about the State of Israel.  I’ve […]

Are We There, Yet?

Posted by: erika on: June 15, 2011

A few weeks ago I lamented that conversion classes were coming to an end and that I’d have to fend for myself.  Well, it’s happened.  I’m feeling a little out of sorts Jewishly as of late.  Not regret or remorse but anticipation.  I always try to remind myself that patience is a virtue.  I like […]

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