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Should Jews Celebrate Halloween?

Posted by: erika on: October 31, 2011

Or any other of those secular Holidays? Today Facebook and Twitter were a-buzz with Jews facing off on whether or not Halloween should be celebrated.  Most of the feeds and status updates I followed cited Halloween’s pagan roots as reasoning why Jews shouldn’t take part.  So what do I think, the girl who called herself Wiccan […]


Posted by: erika on: October 30, 2011

**Apologies to everyone who follows me on Facebook and has already gotten this information. ** I want to do a mitzvah project for Hanukkah.  In case you didn’t know, New York City and many other cities in the North East decided to dress up like Winter for Halloween.  In NYC, we got about three inches of snow, most of […]

My Big Jewish Idea

Posted by: erika on: October 26, 2011

I’ve hinted at it for a while and I’ve told a few people, including my favorite rabbi.  After thinking hard about it, I’ve decided to share because maybe you know the right people.  Maybe you know a space we could gather or have an idea for someone who wants to sit on a panel.  Last […]

TWO WEEKS-Thank you.

Posted by: erika on: October 25, 2011

I don’t even know what to say.   I’m not even sure it’s real.  Well, of course it’s real-I have the tickets to prove it.  It just seems like such a shock and total surprise that it’s only two weeks away.  Even surprising because it’s happening because of you!  Adele, Michael H., Matthew, Elita, Samantha, Jason, […]

Goodbye Jewish Holiday Season!

Posted by: erika on: October 24, 2011

For over a month the Jewish Holidays come one after another.  Rosh Hashanah followed by Yom Kippur followed by Sukkot followed by Simchat Torah.  The weeks are filled with half work-weeks, food and fasts, joyous dancing and chest thumping.  It’s a sort of emotional roller coaster that when you get off you have to stand […]

You’re Never Too Old for Camp

Posted by: erika on: October 19, 2011

There ia a documentary about racially and ethnically diverse Jews in which an Asian Jewish woman says something to the effect of, “People always say, ‘You’re the new face of Judaism’ and I say, no I’m the old face of Judaism” (If anyone knows this clip, please let me know so I can link it!)  […]

23 Days Until Israel!

Posted by: erika on: October 16, 2011

Holy Schnikes!  This is a scheduled post and even writing it, knowing that 23 days is the future is blowing my mind and all of a sudden I feel like I should be making lists!  Augh!  I cannot believe that I am here, but I am-a little more than three weeks away from getting on […]

My Stupid Mouth (Didn’t get me in trouble)

Posted by: erika on: October 15, 2011

Once upon a time I liked John Mayer.  It’s one of those things I don’t like to admit.  I’ll admit to all of my other music-Dave Matthews band (YES!)  Tori Amos (Duh) Maroon Five (Naturally)  Frank Sinatra and the entire Rat Pack (oh yes)  Not to mention Ingrid Michaelson, Joni Mitchel, Tina Turner, Sade, Yael […]

In California with Be’chol Lashon

Posted by: erika on: October 14, 2011

When I first started researching whether it was possible to be both black and Jewish I Googled “Black Jews.” A lot of websites came up and I easily sifted through the ones that looked a bit off and the ones that looked legit.  After my “Black Jews” search I Googled “Diverse Jews” and Be’chol Lashon came […]

Chag Samach-A Sukkot Rant.

Posted by: erika on: October 13, 2011

Sukkot.  Hmm…what to say, what to say.  Do you remember my Sukkotlast year?  It wasn’t a pretty picture.  Even after the asshole on the street racially profiled and tried to over-sell me the holiday left a bad taste in my mouth.  It’s the season where we are commanded, in Torah, to welcome the stranger.  We […]

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