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The Modesty Question

Posted by: erika on: May 12, 2012

Several months ago I asked readers to send me answers to four questions: How do you {personally} define Modest Dressing? When did you decide to start dressing modestly? Do you feel like people perceive you differently because you dress modestly? How does modest dressing feel for you?   I’m still working on the post, but […]

Black and Jewish?

Posted by: erika on: May 11, 2012

I struggle with the idea of who is and who is not Jewish and who gets to say who is or is not Jewish.  I struggle with the idea of a Jewish race, Jewish genes, Jewish as a nationality.  This struggle comes from learning about peoples around the globe who have been separated from their […]

From The New York Times  The first shock came when Mordechai Jungreis learned that his mentally disabled teenage son was being molested in a Jewish ritual bathhouse in Brooklyn. The second came after Mr. Jungreis complained, and the man accused of the abuse was arrested. Old friends started walking stonily past him and his family […]

A few weeks ago I pitched the below to the editor of a popular Jewish website.  It didn’t get published so I decided to go with my first instinct (always trust ’em) and publish it here. I’m a little frustrated because I wanted this read by a larger and broader Jewish audience.  I cherish my […]

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