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Happy First Night of Chanukkah!

Posted by: erika on: November 27, 2013

Happy first night of Hanukkah, friends! Tonight, I’m sharing a video by my new FB friend Nissim. He’s a rapper and Orthodox convert to Judaism living and working in Seattle, WA. you can read about his life and conversion on Aish. Check out his amazing video.

Question: Why is it so Hard to Find Brown Actors?

Posted by: erika on: November 14, 2013

Answer- It’s not. Noah, a new epic starring Russell Crowe as the man in the ark, is slated for release in late March 2014. And while the trailer looks awesome and I’m definitely going to see it, I can’t help but notice how fricking white everyone is. I’m not a militant black person. I’m not […]

Don’t Throw the Shul out With the Music Director

Posted by: erika on: November 8, 2013

For the past few weeks I’ve gotten to shul and been disappointed. Not because our rabbi isn’t awesome, because he is…it’s just that it’s not quite the same without our song director. I’ve written about Joey a few times and I’d be lying if I said that he wasn’t the reason I joined the shul. […]

Jewish Geography Project:Toldot

Posted by: erika on: November 2, 2013

This week’s parasha is Toldot-when Esau sells his birthright to his brother, Jacob. Isaac and his family have still remained for quite some time in the land. Chapter 26 1 There was a famine in the land-aside from the previous famine that had occurred in the days of Abraham-and Isaac went to Abimelech, king of the […]

Jewish Geography Project: Chayei Sara

Posted by: erika on: November 1, 2013

Genesis 23.1-25.18 This translation was taken from the JPS Tanakh Chapter 23 …2 Sarah died in Kiriath-arba-now Hebron-in the land of Canaan; and Abraham proceeded to mourn for Sarah and to bewail her. 3 Then Abraham rose from beside his dead, and spoke to the Hittites, saying, 4 “I am a resident alien among you; sell me a burial site […]

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