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23 Days Until Israel!

Posted on: October 16, 2011

Holy Schnikes!  This is a scheduled post and even writing it, knowing that 23 days is the future is blowing my mind and all of a sudden I feel like I should be making lists!  Augh!  I cannot believe that I am here, but I am-a little more than three weeks away from getting on a plane and going to Israel. 

Several months ago I bought Pimsleur’s Basic Hebrew on Amazon for under $20.  For months it collected dust until a few weeks ago when I popped the CDs into my laptop, imported them to my iTunes and listen to them twice sometimes three times a day.  I listen to them mainly on my way to work and on my way home-sometimes I fall asleep listening the the sounds of Hebrew being played on repeat lulled by the rolling “r” sounds and the wonderful sound of the Chaf.  I must say, taking those three required years of French in high school and the four semesters in college has come in handy.  Though the “r” sounds in Hebrew aren’t exactly the same as they are in French and the sound the Chaf makes isn’t quite the same, it’s close enough.

To date, I have mastered these phrases:

“Hello/Goodbye” “Thank you” “Please”  “Where is?” “Street” Square” “It’s Here/It’s There (and the negative).  “I understand/I speak English/Hebrew” “A little” “Not very well” “Excuse me” “See you later”  “How are you?” “I am well”

I’m working on:

“I would like/something to eat/something to drink” “I don’t know”

Not bad for only 5 lessons.  Half way there!  Folks have been to Israel-now would be the time for tips…

4 Responses to "23 Days Until Israel!"

I’m so happy that it’s working out for you! As long as you know how to say “slicha” (“sorry”), you’re set. 😉

I’ve gotten a few helpful Hebrew phrases down but slicha is one of my favorites to say 🙂

I’ve noticed that my French helps with my Hebrew as well 🙂
Actually so does my Italian and my Filipino :p

I’m glad I came across your blog (…website?). I’ve truly been enjoying it as a multiracial future orthodox Jew. Who just happens to be bisexual. Unfortunately I’m living in an all Catholic town with no means of converting for a few years :-/ I suppose I’ll have lots of time to study while waiting.

I have a friend who runs a blog called “You’re Not Crazy” about Orthodox conversion. She actually had to move to NYC to complete her conversion. I know another person who moved to the area recently in order to do an Orthodox conversion. I thought about it for a while, but in the end converting Reform worked out best for me in the end. The shul I like to attend is Conservative but I don’t think they’ll make me convert again 🙂

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