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7 Days to Help Send Me to Israel!

Posted on: September 16, 2011

If I someone were to tell me that this week would happen, I wouldn’t believe them.  It’s almost impossible to remember back to Monday morning when this week was just another week.  I was grateful to have two interviews lined up, but planned on spending the remaining five days as I had for the past four months-sending out resumes and query letters and filling out applications.

Instead on Monday afternoon I received word that I’d been awarded a scholarship to Israel and yesterday I got a job.  B’H! Some people would call it fate, some people call it luck, some people call it God.  I say all of the above.  Our conversion rabbi told us a story about a man who would always ask God to help him win the lottery.  Every day it was the same prayer, “Please God help me win the lottery!”  It went on for days, weeks, months, years.  Finally, annoyed at the sound of the man’s voice and the same prayer, God did something he hasn’t done in thousands of years, he spoke to a human being.  He said to the man, “Buy a ticket!!”

This means that you can’t just wait for God to do something.  God hasn’t intervened on behalf of human beings since the Bible.  What I mean is, folks (large groups of folks not just people confined to “those” floors in hospitals) haven’t heard the voice of God since the Bible.  To quote the movie Dogma, “They’re either talkin’ to themselves or they’re talkin’ to me.” -The Voice.  God wants us to meet him half way, in my opinion.  He’s not going to come down and just grant every whim that every human wants, because it would mean that someone else won’t get what they want, and I think  it would make us a bit selfish and humans would lack humility.  That’s the spiritual way of looking at it. 

I could think I got this job because I knew the right people, because my resume kicks ass, because I was persistent in send out my kick-ass resume.  It could be that I blew them away in my interview, that I’m so amazing that they knew from the moment my resume landed on their desk that they Needed me, they Had to Have ME!  That is a bit more logical, no?  But I dare say it also sounds really selfish and egotistical.  So, I’d like to think that it was a combination of prayers and the tangible things that I was doing every day for the past four months.  This is the job that I was supposed to have, it just wasn’t available four months ago. Fate?

So an amazing week.  A scholarship to Israel, donations coming in from strangers and friends, promissory notes on their way, and checks in the mail to help me with my flight.  I probably won’t need to raise as much money as I thought, because with a job I can pay for ground transportation.  That said, my deadline is still next Friday to book the flight-which gives me SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS TO HELP SEND ME TO ISRAEL!  If you haven’t forwarded a post yet, perhaps today is the day to do so.  If you haven’t told a friend, maybe today’s the day?  I’m not asking anyone to donate outside of their means. I of course know how hard it is right now.  I’m not asking anyone to donate a hundred dollars or even twenty-just five bucks.  Five bucks for everyone who reads this today would be a lotta bucks.  If you can donate, please do so today.  If you cannot, please tell someone who might be able to.

Shanah Tovah, Shabbat Shalom, and Thank you to everyone for your support this week.



I can’t figure out how to change the amount of money needed for my Paypal but I’m aiming for around $1000, rather than $1500 so I’m more than half-way there!  With a new job (B’H) and flights around $850-900 $1000 should cover the flight and taxes! 

Thanks to all the donations that have come in and for the love on Twitter and Facebook!  I’ve gotten donations from across the US because of all of the love, support, and reaching out.  I am truly thankful and truly blessed this Shabbat.  Thank you.

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Hey, you’re almost halfway there! I put up a post and a tweet to promote your fund drive, which I hope you like and I hope brings in a few more bucks.


All our best!
Michael & Brian

Thank you so much! I’m actually more than half way! I can’t figure out how to change my widget but with the job, and flights around $900, I probably need closer to $1000-$1100 with taxes, etc. unless tickets go up next week!

Looks like you are doing good so far!

I know! I’m feeling really really good about it! I can’t change the goal, but I’m finding flights for around $900 so I’m actually really close! )

AMAZING!! I’m so happy for you!

Thanks Colleen! It is amazing, I’m so excited.

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