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A note about trolling.  I appreciate opinions, even opinions that are different from my own because I believe that I can always learn from another person’s perspective.  As you navigate your way around my site you are sure to come across posts that you do not agree with.  I encourage you to think about them from my perspective, sit a while with the discomfort of walking around in my shoes before you make a decision.  Comments are, of course, welcome but please, no trolling.

Welcome to Black, Gay, and Jewish.

On August 17, 2011 I joined the Jewish people, Batyah bat Avraham et Sarah.  People always want to know how I got to this place of making the choice to be come a Jewish person.  The story is long and the stuffs memoirs are made of.  The short version is easy-As a child I loved Jesus.  My mother likes to tell stories of how Jesus was like my friend.  As I grew older I began to question and in high school my pastor did not give me the right answer.  In my Catholic school I learned that Judaism gave “birth” to Christianity and Islam.  It was as if a light went off in my head-we are all the same.  I asked my pastor and he told me Muslims and Jews didn’t believe in his god.

Afterwards I refused to go back to church.  I spent a few years as a hippie Pagan, a hippie Buddhist-wannabe and a lazy atheist.  When I came back to monotheistic religion Judaism fit.   It sounds cliché but the more people I connect to, the more I connect to Judaism and to Gd the more it feels like home.

Black, Gay and Jewish is first and foremost my personal blog, a place for me to share my thoughts, my experiences and my life. It also creates space for others to connect and share. You don’t have to be black, you don’t have to be gay and you don’t have to be a Jew to enjoy the site. Lastly, Black, Gay and Jewish serves as a platform for advocacy for women, people of color, Jews of color, Jews by Choice and the LGBTQ community, Jewish and non-Jewish. I hope you learn something and I hope to learn from you, too.

I am working on a memoir of the same title but for now, read.  Stay a while and if you’re so inclined, tell your friends.



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