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All the Nu That’s Fit to Print

Posted on: January 20, 2012

A bit of a cop-out, a bit of a borrow from Pursue, a bit of laziness on posting.  The Nu (at least for this Shabbat) is a way to keep ya’ll abreast of things on my radar and a way to avoid writing on Shabbat.

From the New York Times  Lechery, Immodesty and the Talmud  The war continues to rage in Israel about modesty.  This article is well-written and makes me think.  Modesty has its origins in the Talmud, but for me it’s a lot let less about sexualizing women (sometimes it is as an upcoming piece will expose) and more about a connection to Gd.  I have trouble doing something just because the Bible tells so and tend to do it more as a well to connect me with Judaism, with other Jews and with Gd.  This second piece, also in the times also looks at the roll of women in Israeli Society: Israelis Facing a Seismic Rift Over Role of Women

Staying on the Israel band-wagon is this piece on ABC’s website about an ancient Ethiopian-Jewish tradition facing extinction.  Israel Seeks to End Ancient African Jewish Custom  “We kept this tradition for more than 2,500 years,” Kess Semai said. “Our community won’t allow in the span of 30 years for this tradition to be erased completely.”  I plan on expanding my thoughts on this one later in the week-possibly for another Jewish online site. 

My love of Jewish/Muslim similarities continues to grow.  This powerful and disturbing video from the My Fellow Americans website really got under my skin. The voice-overs are so filled with anger, I can’t imagine the people uttering those words are truly Gd-loving.  As a result I signed the pledge and will be making a video to submit to the site in the next few weeks.  I also found this article on Kosher Salt about a panel that I hate to have missed. 

Lastly my buddies Schmekel continue to get amazing press.  First my interview (clearly) then the Times (oh, them) and now the Canadians over at Shetel have posted a new interview with the hot foursome.  And if that’s not enough a real-time, newsy Jewish news source, JTA,  just posted this piece: Boston doctor finds treating transgender youth a transforming experience

 P.S- After I posted I found this Queer, Jewish Wedding in Portland, Oregon on the blog Off-Beat Bride.  I’m not sure how I feel about weddings, but this one makes me get the bridal itch.  Also, there are some amazing shoes.

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