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Back with a Cross-Post

Posted on: March 18, 2013

I promise to start blogging again more regularly after Pesach. Until then, some thoughts on the situation with the YU rabbi.

From the Jewish Daily Forward:

I am lucky to have never heard the word nigger used towards me. As a black woman in the United States this is rare, even rarer since I spent the majority of my childhood summers in rural North Carolina with my mother’s family.

I have vivid memories of riding in the back of my uncle’s pickup truck, red dirt kicking up in clouds behind us. I also remember my cousins telling us to get down in areas where the Klan was known to harass black people. Having no real context for what this meant I followed suit and made my body small and flat against on the floor of the truck’s bed. This happened a few times in my summers in the south, but still I had no experience with the word other than in books.

The first time I heard the N-word used in anger was on a New York subway coming out of the mouth of an Asian teenager a few months ago. He and his mother boarded the crowded train at Canal Street just as an older black man pushed his way onto the train and into the seat the mother was about to take. I was equally annoyed that this man rudely took the seat of an elderly passenger. But I quickly noticed by his erratic gestures that he was mentally ill.

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/173165/yeshiva-rabbi-and-the-jewish-n-word/#ixzz2NwTELrTT

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I was somehow worried about you, I was afraid you had given up writing, jewish religion, the internet… it is nice to have you back here.
What you wrote about having to hide while traveling in a car through certain areas almost made me cry. I believe I am your senior by a few years. While I was a teenager enjoying myself in the relative security of North Western Europe, you had to hide from the Klan. Sure, even as a rather clueless teenager I knew what was going on in other parts of the world, but it seemed so far away.

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