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Black Gay and Jewish Wedding

Posted on: October 28, 2013

Black, Gay Jewish WeddingOver the weekend, while skimming through my Pinterest on my smart phone at a Brooklyn Hospital while an epidural let one of my doula clients sleep blissfully through contractions that earlier in the morning caused her much pain, fear and anxiety, I noticed a rather disturbing thread on my “I do” board.

I found my Pinterest dream, a interracial, lesbian couple under the chuppah on their wedding day. It wasn’t a stock photo, it wasn’t a joke, it was an actual wedding that could, one day, look a lot like our wedding.

Someone commented that the picture was “weird” and another commented that it was beautiful. There was some back and forth and the “weird” pinner noted that while she had no problem with “their race” she found the fact that they were two women “disgusting” and went on to say that Moses and everyone in the bible would think the same. I, of course, deleted her hateful comments, but found it interesting that among all of the other pictures of lesbians under their own chuppah, wrapped in tallit on glorious wedding days she found this picture disgusting. Maybe she was Googling interracial Jews or lesbian Jews-I really have no clue, but I did find it a bit strange that she honed in on this particular photo.

I suppose I’ll never understand why marriage between two consenting adults is so problematic or threatening to individuals for which the relationship has no bearing. I also don’t understand why people hid behind profiles and religion in order to spread evil and hateful speech. It almost dampened my mood, but then I was reminded of the beauty of life I was about to experience and the love of my life.



P.S-we’re engaged.

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