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brief blog from israel

Posted on: November 10, 2011

***Im writing this from my NookColor, so it will be brief with many errors-you have been warned***

After spending the day completely jet lagged in Brussels I arrived in Tel Aviv last night around 12:30. Getting through customs was suprisingly easy, though I hve a feeling that coming home will be a different story.

When I woke up this morning to the sounds of this part of Jerusalem I could have been any where. The sounds of birds chirping, a scooter’s engine and a siren in the distance were not unfamiliar sounds. When I stepped out of the balcony and looked around I realized that not only were my surroundings different, but that the next two weeks would be like none that I have ever exprienced before.

Dorin and I went to the Old City for a quick visit before she left for work. We went to The Church of the Holy Seplacure through the narrow winding streets with Arabic men smoking hookah and into the Western Wall. Since i knew that i would be back i didnt spend a lot of time there, I just observed the collision of faith, culture, devotion and religion that surrounded me. It wasn’t overwhelming and I wouldnt call it emotional. It simply was…

Tomoorow the trip officially begins. If I find wifi, I will write again, otherwise when I return!

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My first visit to Jersualem, I pretty much fell in love with the city as well! Have fun 🙂

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