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Is This How Judaism is for You?

Posted by: erika on: October 2, 2013

An article is fast circulating the Jewishsphere the past two days. “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” an article by the Pew Report has even made it’s way to the NY Times with various comments and commentary on a variety of Jewish Facebook groups and Twitter Feeds. As a JBC, the article doesn’t necessarily apply to […]

Back with a Cross-Post

Posted by: erika on: March 18, 2013

I promise to start blogging again more regularly after Pesach. Until then, some thoughts on the situation with the YU rabbi. From the Jewish Daily Forward: I am lucky to have never heard the word nigger used towards me. As a black woman in the United States this is rare, even rarer since I spent […]

Orthodox: To be or not to be…that is the question

Posted by: erika on: January 13, 2013

While enjoying my first glass of wine at a bar in La Guardia Airport before my flight to New Orleans last week I got a Facebook message that I both expected and was surprised by. A friend who’d gone through the conversion process with me, currently living in one of the most Jewish neighborhoods in […]

‘Torah does not differentiate between our races’

Posted by: erika on: July 5, 2012

This article was posted on the New Jersey Jewish News in January of 2011. I’m not sure how I missed it, but nonetheless, here you are. by Robert Wiener NJJN Staff Writer Rabbi Enan Francis grew up in Co-op City in the Bronx, the son of a Lubavitcher rabbi and the product of a multiracial […]

Do We Really Know What Gd Wants?

Posted by: erika on: March 14, 2012

“I always distrust people who know so much about what God wants them to do to their fellows.” -Susan B. Anthony As a social media personality you have access to a wide array of people.  People who agree with what you’re doing and people who don’t and while I don’t hope that everyone will agree […]

My Big Fat Frum Shabbat

Posted by: erika on: September 11, 2011

I’m sure, by actual frum standards, my Shabbat wasn’t exactly the frummiest of the frum. In terms of Erika Frumness, it was a frummy, frumtastic Shabbat and you know what?  I liked it.  Congregation Kol Israel is seriously the little shul that could in Prospect Heights.  I read an article printed in 2010 that the […]

Shabbat Shalom

Posted by: erika on: September 2, 2011

Good morning, readers-A few house keeping details to get out of the way first. I have a post on Jewcy.com about feeling like a fish out of water as a New Jew without a synagogue home.  I got a really sweet e-mail from a reader who suggested that I commit to a congregation knowing that […]

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