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Happy First Night of Chanukkah!

Posted by: erika on: November 27, 2013

Happy first night of Hanukkah, friends! Tonight, I’m sharing a video by my new FB friend Nissim. He’s a rapper and Orthodox convert to Judaism living and working in Seattle, WA. you can read about his life and conversion on Aish. Check out his amazing video.

Black Gay and Jewish Wedding

Posted by: erika on: October 28, 2013

Over the weekend, while skimming through my Pinterest on my smart phone at a Brooklyn Hospital while an epidural let one of my doula clients sleep blissfully through contractions that earlier in the morning caused her much pain, fear and anxiety, I noticed a rather disturbing thread on my “I do” board. I found my […]

My Love of Judaism’s Pagan Side

Posted by: erika on: October 9, 2013

Judaism has a Pagan side? Really? You had to ask that? Judaism is totally, totally Pagan, though I’m sure most Jews wouldn’t say that and most certainly disagree with my assertion so I’ll say it in Jew-friendly terms. Judaism is very agricultural. … Before I was a Jew I was an Episcopalian. Before I was […]

It’s My Birthday!

Posted by: erika on: October 8, 2013

Here’s to a year of believing in myself. To taking time for myself. For loving and appreciating who I am as a woman of color, as a lesbian as a Jew. Here’s to not taking anything in my life for granted and blessing Gd for the gifts that often go unnoticed. Here’s to saying no […]


High Holiday Guide

Posted by: erika on: August 30, 2013

After writing the piece on The Sisterhood about the sometimes woes that new Jews sometimes feel on the High Holidays, I decided to compile a list of welcoming, inclusive synagogues in and around the NY Area. I hoped to have a mightier list, but alas, this is what happens when you plan something at the […]


Posted by: erika on: July 24, 2013

Today is the 17th of Av, otherwise known as my Hebrew re-birthday! I realized that I officially have four “birthdays”. My actual birthday and it’s Hebrew equivalent and my Mikvah date and it’s Hebrew equivalent.  More cupcakes for me! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years, but it has! I spent some […]

Mourning Trayvon Martin on Tisha B’Av

Posted by: erika on: July 15, 2013

When MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said on Sunday evening that our country makes her wish away black sons I felt a pit grow in my stomach. As we start to think about starting a family I’m struck and also worried. What if we have sons. Because we’re a biracial couple, we’re searching for donors who will reflect […]

The N-Word on the Fourth of July

Posted by: erika on: July 5, 2013

With all of the Paula Dean crap, it’s pretty safe to say that we don’t, as some would like to believe, live in a post-racist society. As a woman of color, I’ve always known this fact to be true. When working in various retail stores in Manhattan, most of the suspected shoplifters we’d monitor were […]

Wanna Do Me a Huge Favor?

Posted by: erika on: July 2, 2013

    Like my doula page on Facebook and follow my doula blog on Blogger. Here’s why: I’ve been interested in birth work for a while. As Mirs and I start to think about becoming a family with two-legged children in addition to our four-legged children I started to do more research and learning about […]

Heading out of Town!

Posted by: erika on: June 16, 2013

I’ll be heading to the land that IFC series are made of. For ten days of vacation with my lady love. I will be scheduling some posts through out my vacation.   Shalom, Saleem, and Peace.

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