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Eight Nights of Hanukkah:2 for 1-Punk Jews and Let’s Eat!

Posted by: erika on: December 12, 2012

I missed last night…I barely lit candles (had to blow them out). It was a crazy-long day that ended all the way up on the Upper West Side to watch a movie about Jews, what else? The movie in question, Punk Jews, is an hour-long look into the lives of Jews who live “on the […]

Honoring Dr. King with Y-Love

Posted by: erika on: January 18, 2011

Y-Love is one of my favorite Jewish performers.  Here he is reciting Dr. Martin Luther King’s sermon opposing the Vietmam War in 1967.  Like many of Dr. King’s Speeches, the words still ring true today just as they did then. Happy Tuesday. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlDFPoMk4_s&feature=player_embedded#!]

According to the BBC News the rapper Shyne, from P-Diddy nightclub shooting fame has emerged from his 10 year jail sentence as a Chasidic Jew.  Born of an Ethiopian Jewish mother in Belize, Shyne, or Moshe ben David-his Hebrew name, decided to put down the guns and pick up the Torah while in prison.  I’ll be honest, I have […]

I Heart Y-Love

Posted by: erika on: August 14, 2010

Behold the powers of the Internet.  After temple today I came home, opened my bottle of Kosher wine, finished my raisin challah and started searching for more black Jews.  As far as I can see there aren’t any black temples to speak of in NYC.  As I mentioned in my Amare Stoudemire post, I don’t need my temple […]

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