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Challah and Matzo Balls

Posted on: November 19, 2010

Two things that are synonymous with Jews and Kosher-style Delis.  Every Friday night we make our way to Avenue J(ew) to buy our Shabbat supplies; Challah and wine.  This week we added one Kosher Chicken, a bunch of herbs, and a menorah and Hanukkah candles.  The Chicken and herbs are for the Matzo Ball Soup recipe that I’m making right now.  A combination of recipes from Jewish friends, NYC’s famed 2nd Avenue Deli, and of course my girlfriend’s grandmother.

2 Responses to "Challah and Matzo Balls"

Do you buy your Challah or make it? I have pre-made but I haven’t tried it. I think I would rather make my own but somehow I’m never prepared. Ever. It’s very unfortunate that I cannot stand matzo ball soup. Even the word makes me feel like throwing up (I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE it…no more). Shabbat Shalom! May you have a fantastic weekend with your love.

I definitely didn’t want anything to do with them. I’d only seen them in the “Ethnic Foods” section of the grocery stores in Ohio. They were in a jar and looked really disguisting. The ones I made were really good, and the ones we’ve had around NYC and Mirs, of course, makes a good matzo ball. They’re her comfort food, she’s sick, so a matzo ball (8 actually) I made.

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