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Easter Sunday

Posted on: April 24, 2011

Last night I went to Pesach Seder Part 3.  It was a womyn’s Seder at the home of my friends Liz and Erica.  I thought I took the cake for the world’s most diverse Seder but I think that Liz and Erica gave me a run for my money.  The Seder was awesome and I’ve collected another group of Jewish friends to put into my pocket and have many Shabbat dates for the next few months.

After the meal everyone chatted and talked and Liz asked about my coming to Judaism story.  We’ve been to shul for Yom Kippur, I was in her parent’s home and now her home but she never knew how I came to be a Jew-in-Training sharing a second Seder with her.  After I told her my story I commented on how as a Christian you never do this.  This meaning Seder. 

Today is Easter and many Christians are currently still in church learning about Jesus’ resurrection.  Many of them will go home and have Easter dinner where they will not talk about Jesus or Christianity.  Instead they’ll just eat.  After my first Seder I realized that the talking and telling of the story part of my Christian experience was completely omitted outside of a church setting.  Christmas dinner, for instance, wasn’t about recalling the story of Mary and Joseph trying to find a place to stay for the night, we talked about sports teams, football, and pass the macaroni and cheese.  I’ve never experienced a religious holiday meal where the meal is centered around the religious event.  I’m not saying that all Christians experience holidays in this way-by mine did.

I don’t think I’m any better or worse for it, it’s just an interesting comparisson to how I’ve spent th

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No talk of religion or Jesus at our Easter lunch today. But on Friday night we had the Torah out researching some Kashrut Laws, hehe.

Sigh, Easter. For so many people born into any religion, there is this ability to save God for religious services and then do little else the rest of the time. I don’t have an issue with Jesus, personally. I think he was a great Rabbi and did some fairly impressive fore-tellings of the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E…. I honestly wouldn’t even have much of an issue with the idea that he was God come down to earth… but I do have an issue with Christianity, the way it’s split so far from it’s Judaic roots and… I don’t know. The word Christian holds so much baggage that I just don’t want people to think I have. I’m fine with the spiritual identity of Jesus being a mystery. Maybe he was God, maybe he wasn’t. It doesn’t matter. The point is that everything we do should be with love and compassion for others.

The fact is that most Christians don’t talk about that at dinner. Many don’t even do charity the way Rabbi Yeshua taught. Their idea of ‘doing good things’ is telling people that if they don’t ‘accept Jesus into their life’ (the ‘right way’) that they’ll burn forever in a pit of damnation. Meanwhile people starve to death in Africa. It’s ridiculous, if you think about it. There’s a point where confidence turns into arrogance and ‘personal savior’ turns into ‘mine, not yours.’

It’s so frustrating sometimes. Maybe if they started reading the Bible with a completely unbiased point of view, there would be things to talk about. Unfortunately Christianity has been around for 2000 years and they think they know it all, and have nothing to worry about. Maybe that’s why God gave the Jews 613 laws– something to think about 42% of every minute of every day!

@Dena-you bring out the Torah on Easter, baby! 😉
@Colleen-so wise, my friend, so wise. I always think of Dogma when Chris Rock, the 13th apostle removed from the Bible because he was black, says that Jesus gets pissed because of all of the shit that gets done in his name…and it’s true. That WWJD fad that happened in the late 90s always cracked me up because the crazies with the T-Shirts that read WWJD were the same folks with signs damning people to hell. Last I checked, Jesus accepted the sinners, the prostitutes, etc. he didn’t tell them they were wrong.

Nope. And if they stopped sinning it was because they were so overtaken by his charisma, his personality, and his message that they started practicing it. They certainly didn’t do it out of fear that they were going to hell for not ‘worshiping’ him as an incarnation of God. He said ‘follow me,’ not ‘bow down to me.’

I’ve had some Christians tell me I’m of satan, I’m a child of the devil, I love all things demonic…because I’ve chosen the Jewish route. It’s so absurd.

Wow. What a fantastic reason… to laugh in someone’s face.

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