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Posted on: February 8, 2011

To be discussed further tomorrow but until then…The Forward posted a great article about an LGBT Shabbaton held in Virginia this past January.  The article itself was inspirational and made me think of the movie Trembling Before G-d.  The comments afterwards upset and disappointed.  I’m too tired to go on about Torah and whether or not it is the hand of God, but I will say this.  One of Hillel’s famous quotes was about explaining Torah to a man who demanded that Hillel explain it while he stood on one foot.  Hillel responded, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to another”  I’m paraphrasing, clearly.  I could google it but I don’t want to.  The Torah says a lot of things, a lot of contradicting things and a lot of things that do not apply to todays world.  The role of woman as subservient to men, slavery, etc. 

God’s message is one of love, Torah is love.  I don’t and cannot understand how my gayness, your gayness or anyone elses sexual identity equals hatred.  There’s a really great You Tube video I posed a while back about When Did You Come out Straight?  This guy goes around asking people about gays and then asks, when did you come out Straight.  The folks on camera are bewildered and many don’t know how to respond.  It took me 28 years to come out and I’m not about to run back into the closet.  It’s hard to come out and hateful words are one of the reasons folks stay closeted (and miserable, depressed, suicidal).

Tomorrow I’ll think of something more constructive to say in response.

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