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First He Came for the Muslims

Posted on: November 17, 2016

 Yesterday the Huffington Post reported that drumpf is considering registering Muslims.

Hell, no. Fuck, no. Not this time, mother fucker! Not today, Satan, not today.

drumpf spent his entire campaign promising to build a wall to “secure our boarders”, he promised to prevent all Muslims from entering our country, he promised to register Muslims living in the country and his top advisers went on national television to say that the Japanese internment camps were the “model” for what they had in mind for Muslims. he’s aiming his guns at women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, the press and news media, and the environment.

This is our time to truly stand together as human beings to say NO MORE! Maya Angelou once said that you should believe the things that people say, and in this moment I believe what drumpf says. The Shoah did not start with gas chambers, it started when a demagogue was elected to government and within six months of his election Jews started to be “registered”.

We’ve seen this before and we know how it ends.

drumpf has put out a hit on black and brown people and the disabled. he’s made it clear that women are pieces of property that are easily disposed of, his vice president-elect barely understands how a condom works and wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and de-funded Planned Parenthood, an organization in which on 3% of services are abortions. he’s made it clear that victims of sexual assault “make up stories” and don’t deserve justice. drumpf has promised to build a wall and to deport anyone who is in this country illegally, he’s even gone as far as to say that only people who have committed crimes will be deported (pst, being undocumented is a crime in this country). drumpf has threatened reputable newspapers like the New York Times for libel (for simply stating facts), he’s said that “stop and frisk” was a gold standard and has an eye to appoint a racist and bigot to his staff. he has also said that climate change was invented by China and recently said that pesticides don’t harm people. There are talks of him rolling back the Clean Air Act and other environmental protection laws. The list of his promises goes on and on and serves no human being.

I believe he will try to do every one of these things because he says he will. This is not the time to sit back and wait. We cannot “see what happens” or “give him some time”. As Jews, our history reminds us that when they come for one of us, they’re coming for us all. 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, but over 10 million people died; the Roma, LGBTQ people, the disabled, opposition party members, Lutherans, Poles, etc.

All week I’ve been re-posting instances of hate that have been cropping up across¬†the United States and Canada since drumpf was declared our president elect (500 and counting) and I will keep posting them. Many times people have said that the ugliness should be burned, that the signs should be thrown away, the spray paint cleaned off. And I agree, no one should have to see these hateful signs. And I think we do need to see them because they’ve been hiding in plain sight for decades.

Contrary to idiotic Republican belief, racism didn’t start because of Obama. Racism planted it’s seed in these lands the second white explorers docked on this continents shores. It was, for a time, loud and ugly and permeated through our states and then it became quiet, relegated in our minds to “backwards” places like the South or rural towns. Not so. It’s always been here. Racism is in the hidden confederate flags of our friend’s homes, our crazy “older” grandparents. Racism is in the suspicious look we give when a brown person boards the plane, in not wanting white daughters to date black boys. Racism exists in our schools when black boys and girls are seen as threatening and incapable of learning. Racism exists when we say, “all lives matter!” or “blue lives matter!”. Racism exists when we scoff at a school system giving students off for Muslim holidays. Racism exists when “that family” will bring down the property value or when moving into an “up and coming” area. Racism exists in assumptions we make on someone based on their skin color, when we clutch our purses when a group of black men walk by. Racism killed Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland and Eric Garner and the hundreds of thousands of black and brown bodies killed in this country at the hands of police officers who weren’t held accountable and the court systems who let them off spanning back generations to the Jim Crow South.

So look at those signs in your “liberal” neighborhoods. See them. And fight against them.

Today my Action Step was to call my congressmen to oppose steve bannon’s appointment. What’s yours?




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