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Go Fund Me?

Posted on: May 17, 2016

Me in Jerusalem 2012 -Photo is Property of Erika Davis

My first day in Israel 2012

This is the last post I will write about my upcoming learning trip to Israel and my Go Fund Me Campaign. Afterwards, just my own thoughts about life and Judaism and anticipating going back to Israel.

So while I have you, assuming you’re still reading, I will take this moment to plead, beg, encourage, ask that you make a $18 (or any amount you’d like) donation to my Go Fund Me Campaign and in the notes tell me how you found my blog.

Through the years (Almost 6!) I’ve met folks who were interested in becoming Jewish. Who were queer and not sure they could be Jewish. Folks who were people of color not sure they could be Jewish. And a few of ya’ll were black and brown queer folks just happy to meet another black, lesbian Jew.

I’ve used my blog to help people who are Jewish & have a space to see themselves reflected in Judaism. I’ve tried to educate readers who are Jews by birth and perhaps not familiar or comfortable with the idea of Jews being people of color by looking at Torah and pointing out our historical racial and ethnic diversity. But I’m no Torah scholar and while I won’t leave Pardes after 3 weeks a Torah scholar, I will come out more learned in Torah and Talmud.

It’s this desire to learn that drew me to Judaism and it’s this desire to continue to share our rich ethnic and racial diversity that drives me to continue this work as a Jew.

Thank you for reading and if you’d like to make an investment in my Jewish education you can do so here.


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