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Happy Spring!

Posted on: March 20, 2012

Today is the first official day of spring, though for New Yorkers it’s as if we went from fall directly into spring.  With only two snow falls this year, a 60 degree day on January 1st and today’s highs reaching for the 70s I’m beginning to think that I live in San Francisco and not Brooklyn.  Magnolia trees are in full bloom, cherry blossoms are opening up with such vigor I’m sure that by the time the official cherry blossom festival starts at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden there won’t be any blossoms to admire.  There are daffodils showing their sunny faces in front of nearly every brownstone and the white and purple crocuses have already gone for the season. The tulips have just developed buds and the majority of the trees have started sprouting small leaves.  It certainly looks like spring.

Once again the religions are getting ready for a mash-up.  The Spring Equinox, Passover and Easter will be back to back this year-with an overlap between the latter two.  Spring cleaning, aka chametz searching, will be starting for me this weekend.  Pesach is 17 days away, my guest list is currently at 13 but could get to 17 or 25 depending on RSVPs.  It could be time to panic, but with so many flowers in bloom I’ve decided to take some time and smell them instead.

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