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I have the Best Job-Ever.

Posted on: January 31, 2011

The title may not suggest that this post is very Black, Gay, or Jewish-but it is, wait for it.

Kitchen Tools-my favorite

I’m a writer and ideally I’ll make my living doing that.  The thought of waking up, making coffee, and sitting in front of my computer for pay sounds like heaven to me.  I dream of “Black, Gay, and Jewish-a Memoir” being a best seller. As a follow up I would publish the collection of short stories I’ve inked before releasing the piece of fiction I’m currently working on which is so very gay. (Gay) 

Unfortunately, writing is not paying the bills just yet.  I’ve been a retail manager for 10 years and really love it.  For the past 9 years I’ve worked exclusively in clothing.  The last three months have been spent at the most amazing place in NYC, and perhaps the entire east coast-Fishs Eddy

If you are a New Yorker you know what Fishs Eddy is, if you are not-the website, as amazing as it is, cannot begin to show what a unique, quaint, quirky store it is.  The owners, Julie and Dave (who are Jewish) created a business that has been operating, dancing, singing, and selling dishes at 889 Broadway for the past 20 years, though they’ve been in business for 25 years.  In that time they’ve gone from a small store in the Village to a multi-store company in the 2000’s to what we are now; One location growing by leaps in bounds in our small space on the corner of Broadway and 19th.  True, we sell Dishes but it’s more than that-they really love the people who work for them.

For instance, when I told my boss at that other store I worked at that starts with Anthro and ends with Pologie that I would possibly need a few days off to observe Shabbat and take conversion classes I was told that it wasn’t an option.  I was told that needed Friday evenings off in addition to another evening off wouldn’t work for the “business.”  Mind you, I just mentioned the possibility of such an arrangement and was completely shut down.  At Fishs Eddy I told my store manager that I needed that arrangement and it was perfectly acceptable, without question or hesitation.   I can go on and on about the product, the people who I work with who are amazing, talented, and inspirational.  I meet the most wonderful people who shop day-in and day-out.  I Even scored some amazing tickets to the Broadway show “Lombardi”  after chatting with the amazing Judith Light while helping her pick out a turkey platter in November.  I’ve had conversations with artists, actresses, writers, and retired psychologists but the thing I enjoy most is working in a place that allows me to be myself.  And allows everyone else to be who they are-even a black, gay, Jew.

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Hello! I’ve just started following your blog. I am also converting Reform and I love the way you talk about the issues and raise questions in really clear ways that make me think about my own approach to Judaism and why I have chosen it.

I love it when other people say they have the best job in the world! I also have the best job in the world (for me, at least), and it makes me feel joyful that other people find the same kind of happiness and excitement in their work. It is a reminder that we are all different, and have different paths to joy, but we all have the capability to get there and find it for ourselves.

Mazel tov on your conversion! I’m glad you found and are enjoying my blog! I do love my job, it’s important to do something that makes you happy-especially if you have to do it daily 😉

I took a look at the website. They have some cute stuff. I may take a closer look sometime.

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