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I Heart Y-Love

Posted on: August 14, 2010

Behold the powers of the Internet.  After temple today I came home, opened my bottle of Kosher wine, finished my raisin challah and started searching for more black Jews.  As far as I can see there aren’t any black temples to speak of in NYC.  As I mentioned in my Amare Stoudemire post, I don’t need my temple to be black, per se.  It does, however, need to be diverse.  It needs to be diverse ethnically and in terms of sexual orientation.  I’d like to see some people of color, young people, older people, couples and singles.  Ideally there will be a LGBT committee and if there isn’t one, I’d volunteer myself to form one.

Clicking away with Google I came across the website for The Jewish Multiracial Network.  How I’ve gone this long without the discovery, I’ll never know but the point is that I found it.  Digging around there I discovered that you folks with cable TV have The Jewish Channel and on The Jewish Channel was a show called Jews of Color.  On Jews of Color, I found Yitz Jordan, aka Y-Love, a Hasidic Jew.


Yeah, and I may have an itty bitty crush, not gonna lie.


Okay, I clearly don’t have a crush on this man because 1. I’m gay and 2. I have a nice Jewish girlfriend but it’s quite amazing and awesome for me to have found him.  I’m not going to assume that because we’re both black and Jewish that we’ll be friends but maybe I can get some insight?


Besides Y-Love I also found two other of the speakers to be quite moving and inspirational and, of course, went to look them up on the internet as well.  The first is Yavilah Mc Coy, a 3rd generation black Jew.  Guess what?  According to the fabulous powers of the Internet, her organization, Ayecha, has offices in NYC!

Lastly, I found Aliza Hausman, author of the blog Memoirs of a Jewminicana http://www.alizahausman.net/ , an Orthodox Jewish woman of Dominican decent who…Lives in NYC!  Now, the question becomes, how to find all of these people arrange meetings/interviews with them without being a stalker?  My powers of persuasion and amazing writing skills, that’s how!  Stay posted for my progress and in the meantime, re watch those videos!

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