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I’m Almost a Doula!

Posted on: May 8, 2013

For the past five weeks I’ve been spending Shabbat with three Muslim women, one Rastafarian, two other women of color and one sweet white girl in a small space in Bedstuy. Ancient Song Doula Services, the practice I’ve been learning with, is focused on training women as color as doulas and educating women in the community about birth and the birthing process.

In this time we’ve shared intimate details of our life, we’ve shared food, we’ve held babies and we’ve been learning about the birthing process and the role of a doula in that process. I’ve started a website for my practice-Kevanah Doula-Birthing with Intention-and am currently looking for Imas willing to have a doula-in-training attend their birth.

If you or someone you know in the Manhattan, Brookly, or Bronx (maybe Queens) is expecting, please send them my way.




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Congratulations, Erika.

I first learned about Doulas when reading a newspaper article written by a young Israeli woman who was a doula in training, too.
Until recently, in my country there were no doulas at all. Post-partum care was given by midwives or nurses. Now there seem to be some women studying to become doulas. However, over here only women who have given birth at least once may apply for the training.

I think that stipulation makes a lot of sense. Since I’ve not experienced birth I can only go on what my trainers have shared with me-I think there’s a definite benefit to doulas and midwives for that matter-to have already given birth.

Good for you!!! I considering doula training but I kept missing the classes I needed and finding them only in other states. I also was worried about the fact I’ve not had a baby myself. In the end I decided I didn’t have the stamina for it. A friend of mine started training but has now gone right into midwife training. She herself has six children, five of which were born at home either with a midwife or unassisted. She LOVES her work.

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