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In California with Be’chol Lashon

Posted on: October 14, 2011

When I first started researching whether it was possible to be both black and Jewish I Googled “Black Jews.” A lot of websites came up and I easily sifted through the ones that looked a bit off and the ones that looked legit.  After my “Black Jews” search I Googled “Diverse Jews” and Be’chol Lashon came up.  I clicked through the site and probably spent at least an hour or more clicking through the stories, following links to people and places that I’d never dreamed.  I looked at pictures of Jews from across the US and across the world who were not the white-skinned men with dark beards and payis.  They weren’t just white-skinned women in wigs, there was every shade of brown and every kind of Jew that my mind was blown.  I knew that there was more to Jews than meets the eye, I knew there was a rich diversity, I knew it wasn’t just Ashkenazi or Sephardic and was in awe that being Jewish means being Chinese, Japanese, biracial, Mexican, Peruvian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Brazilian and many other nationalities, ethnicities, and races than just what I saw walking down the street in Crown Heights, the Upper West Side, or Williamsburg. 

We’re the most resilient people in the history of the world.  Who more than us has been persecuted, driven off of land, exiled, killed, murdered just for being who we are.  For thousands of years we have been on the move and therefore since Torah times we’ve moved from the continent of Africa to the farthest reaches of the earth.  According to the information in Y-Love’s video Unity, Antarctica is the only country/continent where you won’t find a Jew. 

Looking through Be’chol Lashon’s website made me feel happiness in that I knew that I wasn’t alone.  So imagine my luck-I’m spending the weekend at Be’chol Lashon’s Family Camp this weekend!  I won’t be able to post from the ranch. This post is scheduled, as will be the remaining posts until Tuesday.  The scheduled posts are mainly things I’ve been thinking about and haven’t had a chance to get into a blog. 


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