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Interview: Repair the World

Posted on: December 24, 2012

When Hurricane Sandy hit I sprung into action. Unfortunately that springing action did a number on my back. The back strain combined with carrying my computer to work every day since the Hurricane has resulted in a slow healing process and unfortunately a lack of volunteering. B’H there are many people still out there doing the work of clean up, giving aid and supplies and helping the many people who remain devastated after the storm.

I was recently interviewed by Leah Koenig for Repair the World about my time volunteering. A snippet is below. Be sure to read the entire piece at Repair the World’s blog.

What compelled you to serve in the days after Hurricane Sandy?
Honestly, at first there was literally nothing else to do but help. There was no electricity in much of the city, and we couldn’t take the train to go anywhere. Because my house never lost power, my girlfriend and I watched streaming Sandy coverage on TV and saw the growing devastation. After two straight days we were like, “Okay, we have to do something.” So we got on our bikes and headed to the financial district in Manhattan – that is where we first saw how crazy everything was.

We logged onto the Occupy Sandy relief website and saw they were doing a supplies collection at a church in Sunset Park. We helped out there for a day taking in donations and sorting supplies. It was good to be doing that work, but we wanted to do something more hands on. So for the next three days straight we drove out to the Rockaways.

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