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Pesach Panic-ish

Posted on: February 25, 2012

I can’t believe that I’m writing this, but Pesach is FIVE WEEKS AWAY!  This year will be my second Passover and while I’m by no means an expert at hosting a seder, I can thankfully say that I know what to expect. As I sit with my partner smoking hookah and recalling last year’s Pesach Panic, I think that I’ll be a little bit more wise this year.  I’ll try not to be as anal-retentive, and I’ll allow people to help me to the best of my ability.  She’s reminding me of a carefully planned, color-coded Google Doc that seems to have escaped my memory.  Apparently I was “Pesach-zilla”


So in an effort to take things one week at a time I’ve composed a carefully planned weekly list of goals so that the week before Passover is just like any other week, minus the beer and wheat and other chametz we don’t eat.

Here’s a peek at last year’s list (spelling errors and all).  This year’s list is up and running.  Five weeks to go, anyone else feeling the Pesach Panic?




Mazel Tov on an Amazing Pesach, baby!!


ToDo List
1. Get Table and Chairs (Sunday before)-DONE
2. Grocery Shopping-make a grocery list.. i can start getting some stuff.DONE
3.  Make copies of Haggadot-WE NEED 5 MORE COPIES Pages 1-68 ONLY
4.  Edit Haggadah

Game Plan

Friday-Buying Plates and silverware from FE  / Table Ordered and Delivery Set for Sunday $93.62
Saturday-Fresh Direct Shopping-Farmer’s Market Shopping for lamb (ordered) and Eggs and Kale and/or Chard-onday
Sunday-Table and Chairs being delivered…I don’t have a time frame because as the lady told         me, “we’ve got a lot of Passover deliveries!!”  Do you mind hanging out at my house for         them to drop it off?
Can you bring over your food processor and the slow cooker

Monday Morning-Fresh Direct Delivery(i thought fresh direct delivery is tomorrow, right???)
-Make Spreads-Hummus & Bean Salad & Falafell-Beans are Done
-Prep Veggie Main but Do Not Bake
-Cleaning and Setting of Table
-Buy Wine, Candles,
Retrieve Glassware and platters from Miriam’s House
I have a meeting in the city until 4. i’ll head to your house afterwards, then we can hop on the LIRR at nostrand..k?yes, ma’am 🙂
5PM – Leave for Long Island

Tuesday Morning-
Bake Matzoh
Bake Dessert

10AM-Start Lamb-In Crock Pot
-Make Seasoning mix for Chicken and Potatoes

12PM-Final Cleaning of the Apartment/Vacum or sweep steps out side, clean bathroom, fresh towels, make sure we have TP, Soap, Etc. for bathroom

2PM-Make Salads- Do Not Dress-Tabooleh and Fatoosh
Cut up Kale/Chard
-Start Chicken
-Prep Potatoes

4PM-    Shower and Get Ready, final cleaning of bedroom  MAKE YOUR BED!!!
-Potatoes in OVen

5PM-Set Table with Haggadahs, etc./ Start Rice /food in kitchen and wrap up
6PM Guests Arrive/Veggie Main in OVen
630PM-Start Seder

Mains    Lamb-braised and roasted…possibly 1 leg of lamb or 6 shanks.
Roasted Chicken-2–maybe we won’t need it but not everyone likes lamb on the other hand with all of the sides and veggie main we should be e, right??
Veggie    Veggie “Lasgana”
Sides    Bean Salad-found a recipe for a garbanzo bean salad
Farfel with Mushrooms
Fatoosh with Matzoh-
Roasted Potatoes
Egg Plant Dip
Pickled Radishes and Beets
Green salad

sauteed kale/chard or something green i think

Water-and Seltzer?YES!
Grape Juice-STILL NEED

Grocery Shopping List
Lamb (1 leg or 3-4 shanks)-purchased $56.00

Chicken-2 Small Chickens-FD
Matzoh (several boxes for Veg Dish)-FD
Beans (4Cans garbanzo (beanSalad), 6 Cans Black( Bean salad and Veg Dish)FD
Mushrooms (2-3 packs button)-FD
Parsley (about 5 bunches-Tabouleh, Fatoosh, and Seder Plate)FD
Tomatoes-About 6-8 Fatoosh and Tabooleh-FD
Cucumbers-About 6-8 for Fatoosh-FD
Onions-about 6 Red and 3 White-FD
Eggs-2 Dozen-@ our homes
Rice??-Potatoes _STILL NEED-YES!
Fava Beans (Falafel)-STILL NEED
Fake Butter–STILL NEED
Soy Milk
Matzoh Meal-STILL NEED-i brought over about 2-3 lbs of matzoh meal yesterday.Oh Yeah…sorry

Seder-seder plate?
Matzoh-i’ll do my best to grab some from avenue Jew with the seder plate ASAP.-Done
Herbs that are bitter (isn’t this the parsley?) nope, horseradish-Ordered
Salt waterthanks babe
Parsley or Celery-Ordered
Charoset (Apples, Dates, Figs, Nuts, Wine)
Lamb shank- also could use a beet.

Plates and Cutlery-Purchased $45.00
I’ll bring cups-Don’t Forget!
Napkins and Table Cloth-i got table cloths     <–how many do you have?? 2 of them, at least, probably more!
Bowl for Hand Washing/Cup
Extra Plate for Matzoh
Napkins for Matzoh and Afikomen
Bowls/ serving dishes for Potatoes, Farfel, 3 Salads

Fresh Direct Ordered $115.000 04.15.11 for delivery on Sunday*

Passover 1st night Seder April 18in Long Beach, NY with Liz.  She emailed me today 04/10.  forwarded to you.

Passover 2nd night Seder April 19th in Brooklyn with Guests.
I sent out the Facebook Invite today.

Guest List (please feel free to edit and add comments here)-sounds great! you’re great!

Guest List
You & Me
Jezel-+1 confirmed
Jill -confirmed
Nikki -confirmed
Jess -confirmed-v
Angela R-confirmed
Joanne -yes
15 Total as of 04.16
Is there anyone else we wan to invite?  I know you have a lot on your plate right now!

We’re using the Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah version 7.0

Chairs and Table and Napkins, etc. ordered and will be delivered on Sunday $95.00
I’ll need to come by and get the slow cooker and probably the food processor--i can bring these if you can’t get over here this week.


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I took a peek at the Kosher for Passover section today. I admit I bought my GF matzah too because I just love it. Anyway, last year I forgot to change out our vinegar (I clean with it) so this year I plan not to forget. We’ve gotten rid of our animals so pet food won’t be a problem this year. I don’t host a seder so it’s all pretty easy for me.

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