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Posting on Erev Rosh Hashanah?

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Indeed.  A few new-Jew fails as we close out this year.  Last year, if you remember I’d secured my High Holy Daytickets way in advance.  This year, I was focused on trying to get to Israel and sort of kind of forgot to get High Holy Day tickets for Rosh Hashanah.  I do, however, have amazing rabbis who found tickets for me but it’s 5:39PM and I just got to my girlfriend’s house with a folding table, 4 chairs, a crock pot, wash cup, benchers, candle sticks (one broke-they’re glass), and two bags of groceries full of kosher chicken, brisket, and veggies for our small-turned-large Rosh Hashanah dinner tomorrow night.  It’s just not going to happen and I feel really horrible.

Little does my partner know that we’ll be listening to Barbara Streisand’s version of Avinu Malkeinu in a few moments.  I’ll light candles and I’m armed with the Art Scroll Rosh Hashanah machzor, as much as it stinks to not be in shul, I have my lady next to me and we’ll have a house full of guests tomorrow-I think I’ll be okay.  There’s a community Tashlikh this weekend and Yom Kippur tickets are secured.  It just goes to show how important having a synagogue is.  First Goal for 5772, commit to a synagogue already.  Shanah Tovah, everyone!  Heed the shofar’s call to wake up, look around, and take actions as we go into the next year.  I hope you are with the ones you love this season, whether it is your family, the family you’ve made from friends, or your friends.

Lots of Love,


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