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Purim Time!

Posted on: March 18, 2011


We’re back into Jewish Holiday Season!  The month of Adar (and Adar II) are filled with fun and exciting holidays one being PURIM!  Which starts tomorrow tonight at sundown.

Just in case you don’t know what Purim is, I’ll give you a very brief rundown of the holiday.

There’s this kinda silly king and his asshole of an advisor.

The silly king asks his wife to “perform” before the court and she refuses and gets banished.  (bad ass woman #1)

The silly king holds a beauty contest to find a new wife.

Mordechi (a Jew) suggests to his smokin’ hot cousin Esther that she should try

Esther wins.

Asshole advisor feels that the Jews are getting too powerful and wants to get rid of them, starting with Mordechi.

Mordechi tells Esther of the plan and tells her to go before the king to ask for pardon, she’s a Jew afterall.

Esther fasts for 3 days (Fast of Esther was yesterday) and makes two great feasts for the king and his asshat of an advisor

She tells him on the second night that there’s an evil plot to rid her people of the land, she’s a Jew afterall (and badass woman #2)

Silly king doesn’t care (he’s drunk and fat) that his wife’s a Jew and wants to know who’d plan such a horrid thing.

Esther says, your fucker of an advisor would!

And since the decree was already made that someone would hang, the asshat did instead.

The END!

So, in 5771 we celebrate Purim by reading the book of Esther, giving gifts to friends and to the poor, dressing up, stamping out the name of the asshat, Haman, with noise makers, etc.  Eating yummy foods and getting REALLY, REALLY drunk.

If you’re in NYC and need a party to go to, check out the JFREJparty being held in Williamsburg, BK.  ohh, and hamantashen.

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