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Posted on: April 18, 2012

We’re in the midst of counting the Omer.  I say midst, when in fact we’re only at the beginning.  Last year the Omer was lost on me and this year I’m working on incorporating bits and pieces as best as I can.

I found a blog that has daily reflections during the Omer from the UK written by Amichai Lau Lavie and illustrated by Jacqueline Nicholls.  Here is today’s post.  If you’re into it you can follow more closely on the blog directly.

Jacqueline: just walk away from it.

keep walking…

Amichai: 11 days ago we started walking, counting up because an old book says so and a God that does or does not care expects it so and really because there is something simple, healthy, healing about a task that is so finite: Something satisfying and potentially important about pausing each day to think of the day before and the one that’s coming after, and the one that’s now.

Sit down, even if the chair is maybe broken, and pause and take a breath.

But carefully. and with attention. A chair is just a chair but can it hold my weight? can it sustain the sitting? (can my body carry my mind, my heart, my soul?)

Today is the Eternity of Discipline, the deep breath and big picture of the art of being through necessary boundary, through acceptance of law. Netzach of Gevura is a reminder to sit down like now, mid way, mid day, and save energy for the long road ahead and rest without forgetting the fragility of all. This isn’t fear, this is awareness. Walk, sit, take not for granted as I try to sit here, typing intentions, butt on chair, fingers on keyboard, back hurting, mind worried with to do’s, eyes on future, focus on the butt. on chair. on earth. just sitting, with all that’s broken and holds on. here and now.


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