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Shabbat in Ohio

Posted on: August 27, 2011

The clock on my computer reads 6:21PM, which means that it still technically Shabbat.  My second Shabbat as a Jew and I would have to say-my most successful.  Not only did I make an entire dinner, with challah, from scratch-I celebrated Shabbat with my family, who are not Jewish. 

More details when I’m not chasing children.

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If it was still technically Shabbat, and you are now Jewish, pray tell, why were you on the computer? Or was your conversion not an orthodox one…? Just out of curiosity 🙂

Hey There Avi-
Good question-My blog is not Shomer Shabbat and I did not do an Orthodox conversion for lots of reasons I’ve discussed lots of times. When it comes down to it, an Orthodox conversion, in many ways, wouldn’t allow me to be the person I am-A lesbian. Also the literal interpretation of Torah, Kashrut laws, and belief that Moses wrote Torah and Talmud are a few more. On the other hand, several times I’ve said how much inspiration and awe I have of Orthodox Jews-especially my Orthodox Jewish friends. Perhaps down the line I’ll do an Orthodox conversion but that day was not August 17th.

I think the important thing that I learned during my conversion process is that it is my responsibility to know as much as I can about Judaism, seriously consider them and how they fit into my life, and make the decision about what I can and cannot take on right now. There are many things about my practice that do not seem “Reform”-The Denomination is, in my opinion, just another label and how I practice as a Jew and how I observe mitzvot is Judaism. I wrote in a post-Shabbat blog that my blog is not Shomer Shabbat but it hopes to be one day. For me, it’s baby steps. How I navigate being kosher when some kosher business aren’t run ethically. How to observe Shabbat when there are no shuls near my home…

Like I said in my conversion statement, the process of being Jewish did not end at the mikveh-it began.

Thanks for reading and for your question! I hope I helped you understand…you can also just start reading from the beginning 😉

I obviously don’t know the details, but its great that your family doesn’t seem to be bent on ‘distracting’ you from Judaism. I can gaurantee that my mum would have said ‘grace’ and put Jesus in there somewhere if she thought I’d actually converted to anther faith. Poor her that I believe most religion tries to get to the same point.

Have an excellent trip home.

Earlier in the week my father said he believes I was still Christian-huge discussion. Thankfully, by the time Shabbat rolled around everything cooled down. There was a brief Q&A, but I’ll spoil the post 😉

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