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So Close, but Shofar Away

Posted on: September 20, 2011

I wasn’t planning to continue to bog down my blog with the Please Help Send Me to Israel! web-a-thon.  Especially since I promised last week that it would only be a week-long event, but we’re only 3 days away from Friday, D-Day, and I’m still about $250 away from my new goal of $1000 to purchase the tickets.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this Web-A-Thon, let me bring you up to speed so you know what I’m talking about.  Last Monday I received notification that I was a recipient of a full-scholarship to a LGBTQ trip to Israel with Keshet, Nehirim, and A Wider Bridge.  The scholarship covers my transportation while in Israel, my accommodations, and two meals a day for the 10-day trip to Israel.  In order to confirm my trip, a ticket number for a flight to Israel is required to assure that I keep my scholarship.  As of last week, I finally got a job after four months of looking which is why I’m asking strangers, friends, and everyone for help with the flight.  In the past week I have reached $745 in donations on Paypal towards my goal.

I’m not very computer savy so I cannot figure out how to change the widget from the initial goal to the new goal of $1000.  With my new job, I don’t need to secure ground transportation to and from the Israel before Friday, just the flight.  When I checked today they are still ranging between the high $800 and the low $900 range. 

I started this Web-A-thon with the goal of asking people to donated only $5 and then spreading the word based on my blog traffic, my Facebook fan page followers, and my Twitter followers.  The out-pour of money, words and prayers has been wonderful and incredibly moving.  I am truly grateful to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor from near and far. We have three more days to get ‘er done and I know we can! 

So, this is the final plea, for real.  Before Shabbat starts this week I will have to confirm the acceptance of the $2500  scholarship I was awarded last week.  By this Friday I have to submit the flight number as confirmation that I will be going to Israel in November with Keshet, Nehirim, and A Wider Bridge.  If you have not donated and can, I am asking that you consider doing so Today.  If you cannot donate, I ask that you consider forwarding any of the Please Help Send Erika To Israel! Posts to 5 of your friends, share on your Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail.  If you have donated Thank you so much for sending over your hard-earned money.  If you have already shared, Tweeted, and RPed Thank you! 

As I’ve said since the beginning, if I don’t make it to $1000 by Friday and you have already donated I will process the refunds via Paypal after Shabbat this week.

4 Responses to "So Close, but Shofar Away"

The Shofar is very close as out holdays are coming soon …

They are indeed, but any time I can make a play on words with a Carole King song, I do it 😉

How are things looking today?

Things are OK. I don’t have a guarantee on the flight I found yesterday so I’m hopeful that I will be able to find one that cheap when the Paypal deposit situation clears up. I’m trying to stay positive 🙂

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