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Ask Erika: Nailing Down a rabbi during the Chaggim

Posted by: erika on: August 30, 2012

The chaggim are a particularly interesting time of year for rabbis who are extremely busy gearing up for the busiest time of year. Catching and holding their attention is not only hard, it’s close to impossible. Yet, it was right before the High Holidays in 2010 when I first approached a rabbi about my desire […]

Tomorrow is J-Day

Posted by: erika on: August 16, 2011

I have no words.  See you on the other side 🙂

Three Days

Posted by: erika on: August 14, 2011

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday I will be Jewish. On my last conversation with my rabbi, she asked me to reflect this Shabbat.  I didn’t attend shul on either day but attended Shabbat dinner with friends.  Shabbat didn’t feel particularly different than other Shabbats (sound a bit like Pesach?) No one could see what made that particular […]

Just Jew it, Ya’ll!

Posted by: erika on: March 28, 2011

Yes, that’s me wearing a shirt with a Hasid playing basketball a la Michael Jordan.  I figured what was more black than basketball and what’s more Jewish than a Hasid?  That’s why I bought the shirt and wore it, as a black Jew. I lied. I stole the shirt from Mirs and well, I’m just […]

Decisions, Decisions

Posted by: erika on: August 23, 2010

Last week I sat down with 2 rabbis from 2 different congregations and it’s probably safe to say that I have some decisions to make.  It’s been my initial thought that before completing the conversion process that I would shul shop to find the congregation that I felt the most at home in.  Not only […]

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