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On the Interwebs-Pre Shabbat Reading

Posted by: erika on: May 24, 2013

Jewish Websites (in no particular order) Pop Chassid While some of these photos make me uncomfortable, I’m in complete awe of Pop Chassid’s collection of 10 Jewish Women Being Awesome. Both the Shabbat and Tsfat photo were incredibly moving to me. Keshet and My Jewish Learning This article about Orthodox parents of LGBTQ teens is […]

Counting the Omer with Locally Grown-A Cross Post

Posted by: erika on: April 15, 2013

From Compassion to Endurance This week of the Omer we transition from week three to week four, from compassion to endurance. It’s a fitting transitional phase because it has been my experience that one cannot exist without the other. In order to be truly compassionate people we must have the endurance to do so. I’ve […]

Stepping Up to Women’s Rights-A Cross Post

Posted by: erika on: March 28, 2013

There’s something incredibly powerful about stepping, a form of percussive dance in which the participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken words and hand claps. These rhythmic stomping and beats can have a profound effect on the listener as well as the stepper. […]

A Political Cross-Post

Posted by: erika on: October 26, 2012

I’m continually shocked to hear people pronounce that issues around women’s health, LGBTQ rights, the rights of undocumented immigrants, or the economy don’t effect them. When I hear things like this I try really hard not to commit murder. I try not to smack people across their faces or grab them by the shoulders and […]

Welcoming the Stranger-A Cross-Post

Posted by: erika on: September 14, 2012

I’ve written on this topic several times, so for today’s pre-Shabbat cross-post, I’ll let Chava to the talking. If you’re not following Not a Contradiction, you should be. A recent trip out-of-town made me think about “welcoming synagogues” and what that really means.  So often  Jews of Color, LGBT Jews and others feel like outsiders […]

What To Expect During the High Holidays

Posted by: erika on: September 13, 2012

These “What To Expect” posts are always inspired by people in my life, many who are on the same path I recently completed-converting to Judaism. I was recently asked what the High Holidays were like and was sort of stumped for an answer. I started and re-started this post and as you can see towards […]

My name is Erika, and I’m an Ashkenazi Jew

Posted by: erika on: August 28, 2012

I love Syrian cooking, I make a mean hummus, I eat kitynot on Pesach and yet, I’m an Ashkenazi Jew. As much as I try to deny it, as much as I’ve fought against it the truth cannot be denied. I may “look” Sephardic (or simply not what one expects an Ashkenazi Jew to look […]

The Mitzvah of Mikvah

Posted by: erika on: August 14, 2012

Tablet’s Allison Hoffman wrote an amazing piece about Mikvah today that has me thinking about which mitzvot we, as secular Jews, embrace and those we do not. Mikvah is one of those that I wish I could embrace in a  more regular way similar to Orthodox women…it just seems unnatural. I’m not heterosexual, therefore laws […]

Oops They Did it Again?

Posted by: erika on: July 23, 2012

What’s with the obsession with Commandment Keepers and Hebrew Israelites? Is it because real black Jews aren’t exciting or exotic enough? Is it because it’s too hard to really dig into the issue of diversity (or the lack thereof) in mainstream Jewish communities? Is it to make it easy and simple? If you’re a black […]

‘Torah does not differentiate between our races’

Posted by: erika on: July 5, 2012

This article was posted on the New Jersey Jewish News in January of 2011. I’m not sure how I missed it, but nonetheless, here you are. by Robert Wiener NJJN Staff Writer Rabbi Enan Francis grew up in Co-op City in the Bronx, the son of a Lubavitcher rabbi and the product of a multiracial […]

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