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The Fate of Egypt and Her People (and the people of the world)

Posted on: February 11, 2011

From the Huffington Post

The news rooms, newspapers, websites, and internet were buzzing this afternoon when news of former President Mubarak finally stepping down after 18 days of protests that have been ripping Egypt apart.  I’ve been following the story, loosely meaning that while at the gym I’d watch CNN and I’d read the Times (from my new Nookcolor) in the morning but I haven’t been on the Facebook sites of those on the ground in Egypt.

I came across the following Article in my twitter feed moments after the news reached Huffington Post.   “Why Americans Must Ignore the Islamophobes who Misread the Egyptian Revolution.”  This next statement may seem a little naive but, really?  People are truly that insane?  Short answer is yes.  There are people out there who feel that the loss of control in Egypt could result in a threat to the US.  Those people feel that Muslims (even though not all of Egyptians are Muslims) will take this moment to seize power over the people and that the fate of the world will be in their hands. 

I suppose I always know that there are people out there who think in truly illogical ways based usually on misunderstanding, bigotry, and hatred but it’s still a bit shocking.  Since September 11th and more recently the debate over the “Ground Zero Mosque” hatred for Muslims and let’s face it, any one who “looks” Muslim is on the rise in the US and globally.  I recently read an article in the Times about the First Lady’s initiative on ending childhood obesity and the reporter, out of no where and completely out of context, commented that the Obama’s still hadn’t joined a Church in DC, after living there for 2 years.  The reporter went on to ask the First Lady about her spirituality and that of her family, which she declined to answer siting the need to keep those matters private.  I applaud her.  Where in the constitution does it say that the President of the United States needs to belong to a Church.  Where does it say he believe in the monotheistic idea of God at all?  I much prefer my church and state separate, as commanded by the constitution but unfortunately, as evident in the underlying series of questions set for by the article, even our Presidents religion is in question, still.

I made the correlation that the reporter was trying to insinuate that because the Obama’s have not joined a Church that there must be another reason for it.  Clearly, with his Arab (Muslim) sounding last name they must be Muslims.  God forbid they’re Jews or horror of horrors, atheists.  There are Zionists who believe that because Egypt is no longer under government control the new military will take over Israel and the people who live there.  Again, perhaps I am naive but I’d think that the new government would like to deal with bigger issues like, feeding the people, securing the economy, giving people faith in their government not a military take over from the past.

My conflicting views on Israel cannot be explained right now, or possibly ever because while I think like a Jew, I think like a humanist.  I watched a documentary on Netflix about Jerusalem through the eyes of a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian.  This city, so central to each of the faiths is a maze of check points, barbed wire, walls(literally and figuratively), misunderstanding, and uncertainty.  Why Israel came to be makes sense to me.  After the Shoah there were millions of displaced Jews with no home to return to.  We have friends whose grandparents were those Jews, banned from returning to Poland.   Jews who were literally just like Jews in the Exodus roaming with no place to go-they needed a place to live.  That place that was promised to them by God thousands of years before was unfortunately occupied by people who were promised the same place by God thousands of years before and another group of people who were promised the same place by God thousands of years ago.  Three people, three promises by the same God in what is basically the same book-you’d think that it would work.  The thing about God and man is that while in God’s eyes it should have worked, men have too much ego, too much pride, too much need to possess and own a land that only truly belongs to God.

My prayers go to the people of Egypt and the people of the world.  I pray that the transition of the new government is peaceful and that the people there find peace.

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