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Tomorrow’s the First Night of Hanukkah!

Posted on: November 30, 2010

At sundown tomorrow night Jews around the world will be lighting their first Hanukkah Candles.  I’ll be lighting mine with my conversion class before speeding off to a work Holiday Party but in the spirit of those 8 Crazy Nights, some Hanukkah Videos and songs.

I can’t get this one to load on my page but go to the link for the LeeVees to check out a really funny Channukkahh song. 

I really get annoyed by this one but you’ve got to give it to Adam.


So when you google Hanukkah songs you get a whole slew of finds…I love the different ethnicities in Israel.


Every want to learn how to make sufganiyot??  Look!


Funny yet smart telling of the Hanukkah story.  And a great lesson on how to play dreidel…I love the phrase, “Sliced Latkes”.  I have a Sephardic Israeli cookbook and the author has a beef with the Ashkenazis…I’m paraphrasing but she basically said that Israelis only got potatoes a relatively short time ago-no Jews during the times of the temple had them.  Therefore, according to her, latkes aren’t an important staple for the Hanukkah table.


I haven’t heard the Yes We Can video in this way before!  How did I miss this??  Clearly it was years ago because the date for Hanukkah is off…but I’m checking out that website now!


Last but not least-Seasame Street because everybody loves Elmo.


I hope you liked those videos, I’m done with half of my shopping for our Friday Shabbat/Hanukkah party.  I’m trying to find really cool paper to print the prayers on for my friends and the rules for Driedel.  It’s rainy in NYC and not snowly but I’ll admit I have some child-like enthusiasm going into tomorrow.

4 Responses to "Tomorrow’s the First Night of Hanukkah!"

I made sufganiyot (donuts) a few weeks ago, to try out the recipe i had, and they came out wonderful! I’m excited for them again, and for Hanukkah ! so many ways to spell it lol

I’m thinking I’m going to make them but not 100% sure…I found a really great recipe for a Sephardic treat that may be easier to make. We shall see!

Latkes aren’t necessary? Heresy!!! Latkes, mmmmmmm….

Oh we’ll have them…but that cookbook author had very strong feelings about them!

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