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‘Torah does not differentiate between our races’

Posted on: July 5, 2012

This article was posted on the New Jersey Jewish News in January of 2011. I’m not sure how I missed it, but nonetheless, here you are.

by Robert Wiener
NJJN Staff Writer

Rabbi Enan Francis grew up in Co-op City in the Bronx, the son of a Lubavitcher rabbi and the product of a multiracial background that includes his mother’s Eastern European family and his father’s roots in Brazil and Venezuela and Holland. Part of his work on Jewish diversity has been to debunk the so-called “Hamitic myth,” the pseudo-scientific 19th-century theory that many blacks were “cursed” as descendants of the biblical Ham.

Francis is the principal of the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy in the town of Orange and said he is “eyeballs deep in research” as a doctoral student in the School of Education at Yeshiva University.

On Friday, Jan. 15, he will be the guest speaker after Shabbat dinner at the Lubavitch Center of Essex County in West Orange.

He spoke by telephone with NJ Jewish News on Dec. 28.

NJJN: Can you explain the topic of the talk you will give at the Lubavitch Center, “How Do Jews See Beyond Secular Biases in a Modern Integrated World?”

Francis: Essentially, we are Jewish and as Jews we are subject to the dictates of the Torah. The Torah does not differentiate between our races or colors; it essentially is color blind. However, from time to time we run into comments or quotes or questionable information from the Torah that needs to be explained or understood in the context of the Torah’s greater wider approach to humanity.

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Finally there is someone who logically explains that Torah does not differentiate between races and clears up our typical religious misinterpretations.

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