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Welcome to Arizona, Unless You’re Gay (or appear to be)…

Posted on: February 20, 2014

arizona-welcome-sign-thumb-250xauto-35321…or you’re black or brown or another non-white variant. Please don’t come if you’re a white person who is married to someone who isn’t white. Or if you wear something on your head for religious purposes, or G-d forbid, you wear something on your face for religious purposes. Please don’t speak a language other than English and I would prefer that you only read the King James version of the Bible. Best not come here if you’re Catholic or Greek Orthodox, we like our Christianity Protestant around these parts.

Have you heard? Arizona has passed the “Right To Discriminate” Bill, SB 1062, a GOP-led bill that would create a special “right” to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of religion and while it’s aim is at LGBTQ individuals and families (or people who appear to be LGBTQ) it does a lot more damage than meets the eye.  While it says that the discrimination is based on an individual’s religious freedom, that individual freedom infringes on the freedom of any individual that doesn’t meet the first individual’s idea of what is and is not appropriate for their religion.

That was one long run-on sentence.

The Bilerico Project sums it up better, “…During today’s nearly two-hour-long debate, Yarbrough took a different tack, claiming that the basic rights of LGBT people victimize anti-LGBT Christians.”

So my very existence victimizes hate-filled Christians? How is hate a Christian value?

The Bilerico Project interview continues, ” Arizona Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar condemned the legislation in a statement released shortly after the vote. It’s after the jump.

“SB 1062 permits discrimination under the guise of religious freedom. With the express consent of Republicans in this Legislature, many Arizonans will find themselves members of a separate and unequal class under this law because of their sexual orientation. This bill may also open the door to discriminate based on race, familial status, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.”

I suppose this means that I can check another state off of the list of places I won’t be visiting. It’s also quite shocking how certain parts of our country seem to be moving backwards rather than forwards. 60 years ago it was okay to discriminate against black people and women and today, in some states, it would appear that the trend is back en vogue.



An update from today’s NY Times.  Arizona Governor Being Pressed to Veto Bill.

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Well, hey, I was having trouble crossing off some of the 50 states on my ‘visit one day’ list. This kind of sh*t makes it easy.

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