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What’s a Jew to Do…On Christmas

Posted on: December 25, 2012

This Jew is in Texas. With her Jewish girlfriend celebrating…Christmas. It’s actually December 19th. I’m being smart and writing some scheduled posts in anticipation for my trip and the inability to get any writing done while I’m in Texas.

I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit excited about being near a tree.

M’s mother converted before marrying M’s father so there’s an entire side of her family that celebrates Christmas. While I’m very firm on a No Christmas Trees! I’m excited to have the opportunity to admire one. I’m excited to have Christmas dinner. I’m excited to sing some carols and I’m excited to open presents by the tree!

M didn’t grow up with a Christmas tree in her home, but always went to her grandmother’s home to open gifts from Santa. One one hand I feel remorseful that our children won’t get gifts from Santa…and on the other it’s nice to know that they’ll have them at my parent’s home and Inshallah at M’s grandmothers.

If you celebrate, Merry Christmas. If you don’t see a movie and enjoy the Chinese!

Let’s take a poll-Who’s celebrating Christmas today and who’s eating Chinese and going to the movies?

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Happy Jews eat Asian food day!!!

We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail last night and today we’re going for sushi. Our holiday tradition.

Happy day off!

I do the Christmas thing with the husband. Not a lot of religion involved. Just food and games with family.

On the 24th of december, a muslim neighbour greeted my sister with “Merry christmas, inshallah!” A nice way to link two not so different religions, isn’t it?

Hello everyone! Thanks for the comments and apologies for the delayed response. Spent X-Mas in Texas…with a terrible cold I’m not yet over.

@Paulina-That is amazing 🙂 Gd I love people sometimes.
@Dena-That sounds great! It was interesting to spend X-Mas with M’s family. It wasn’t religious for us either, which was great.
@Cyndi-Next year I’m on that team next year!

I just found your blog and I am intrigued by it. Maybe we can email each other i have some many questions. I am a black women and boyfriend is reform jew. my grandfather was jewish and i’ve worked in jewish deli’s since i was old enough to work. I’m very interested in the culture/ religion and some day i plan to convert.

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