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Yet another Black Gay Jew!

Posted on: May 15, 2012

A while back I heard something that I wanted to shout from the rooftops.  A dear friend of mine mentioned in passing that she’d seen my favorite black Jewish rapper, Y-Love, rockin’ out at a gay bar.  My eyebrows shot up and a smile spread across my face just as quickly as she told me sternly, “you cannot blog about this.”  I promised her that I wouldn’t and have been holding out for the day when the world would know this little nugget of information.

Today is that day.

In an article in OUT Magazine Y-Love tells why he’s waited so long to come out and shares the realization that Gd made him gay and that he’s OK with that.


“My number one priority is to get back into dating. I’m ready to find a husband,” Jordan says. “I’ll be able to have a dating profile and use my real name. I’m ready to live without fear.”

In many ways, Jordan has already come to terms with the Hassidic community he once tried so desperately to cling to. He now calls himself “ex-Hassidic,” having moved out of the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn where he once lived, and he now listens to secular music and appears in public with women. As he admits, “As far as the ultra-Orthodox community is concerned, I won’t be able to return to any type of Jewish observance*.” But Jordan clarifies, it doesn’t mean he’s lost his faith, in fact, he’ll be observing a Jewish holiday next week.”

Thank you, Yitz Jordan, for coming out.  It’s an important step for Jews of Color, Jews by Choice and people of color to be able to see one another.  Just as Jews come in all hues, we queer folks do too.  We love Gd passionately and only Gd knows what’s in our hearts.

Also, Y-Love, please read this blog post and get back to me 🙂


*Correction from Y-LOVE:”I won’t be able to return to any type of Jewish observance WITHOUT BEING TOTALLY TRUTHFUL”

*Twitter Update 5PM Y-Love Just Tweeted :since the @OUTMagazine piece ran today, I’ve lost 15 Facebook friends. shoutout to the 25 of y’all who sent me new requests #FUhaters #gay

*Twitter Update 5:23PM: hehe now that I’m out I can finally retweet stuff from @BlackGayJewish, never did before b/c of search results LOL

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this definitely made my day!

right? it made my spring!

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